Posted on January 24, 2012


FrontlineSMS is an opensource developer platform designed specifically for NGOs and other parties working in developing countries and in particular those in rural areas with very little technology available to them. FrontlineSMS was chosen for this project amongst other SMS systems, for various reasons.

Reasons include: FrontlineSMS mission to lower the barriers of positive change using mobile technology, the purpose FrontlineSMS was started, that is, to solve the problem of lack of communication faced by grassroot NGOs working in developing countries, the project has an active developer community (global reach), the the availability of documents to setup advanced operations easily through the user interface, and with FrontlineSMS built on java, may be tweaked to meet requirements if necessary.

With existing knowledge in java and eclipse, the source files can be cloned into local eclipse workspace with little effort.  All in all FrontlineSMS  is a robust text messaging system that is a good starting point for any developer interested in creating SMS based applications.  Videos below provide an overview of possible extensions of FrontlineSMS.  Hopefully, from looking at the videos and a few creative ideas your application or website can be extended to reach audiences, whose only access to technology is a basic mobile phone.

Video on the use of FrontlineSMS in agricultute:
This is only a few of many uses and applications FrontlineSMS. For more information on the FrontlineSMS application and developer platform you can visit the projects website at

Below are youtube videos of a brief tutorial on the practical uses of FrontlineSMS:

Extensions of frontlineSMS

Part one:

Part two:

FrontlineSMS managing your data