Science for a Hungry World

Posted on February 1, 2012


Data from NASA satellites can be used to make intelligent decisions in agriculture. This data is currently used by organizations to provide early warning systems by monitoring vegetation cover and water movement.

Countries can used to this data to monitor agricultural produce by studying agricultural land use and the movement of water to make predictions on food security.

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Part one:
The data from satellites can be used to analyze the amount of vegetation on the earth and how it changes over the years .

Part two:
Data are used by agencies to monitor food security by locating areas of famine or drought, providing an early warning system.

Part three:
Information are used to determine land use change, in particular agricultural land use change.

Part four:
Data use to continually assess food security in vulnerable areas.

Part five:
NASA data used to study the movement of water, identifying areas where water is being used faster than it is being replenished.

Each country can monitor the effect of climate change on their agricultural produce.

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