Visit to Mudchute Park and Farm

Posted on February 1, 2012


In the collection of background information on agriculture surplus and technology, a series of visits were planned to visit farms within the London area to better understand how these farms address the problem of surplus goods.

The first farm that was visited, possibly because it is nearby was the Mudchute Park and Farm, which is the largest inner city farm in Europe.  One of the amazing features of the 32 acres farm was it proximity to the city’s major banks which can be seen in the skyline of the farm.  On speaking to the friendly staff in the farm’s kitchen, it was discovered that the farm which had been shut for a while had only recently been reopened, and is frequented by visitors from within the local communities and the nearby schools.

The farm mainly keeps animals.  The animals are not reared for meat, but as an attraction, and are often sold on to other farms when they get older.  The crops grown are seasonal.  When the crops are in season, the kitchen staff visit the plot to collect vegetables as necessary.  The entire farm is maintained by the local community.

During the time of visit the crops were not in season.  Below are images taken from the farm and includes mainly the plots used for crops.

Image of garden with banks in the background

Plot with hardly any crops

Plot of Brussels Sprouts

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