Robots Designed for Agricultural Use

Posted on February 3, 2012


A robot can loosely be defined as a device that automatically carryout tasks that would be may be deemed too strenuous or dangerous to be done by humans.  In the research on the use of technology in agriculture, a few cases which involved the use of robots to carry out agricultural tasks were encountered. Two of these cases are Prospero and The Hortibot.

Prospero is a working prototype of an Autonomous Micro Planter AMP being designed by Dorhout R&D LLC  – a research business specialising in the designing and building of robotic systems and interactive consumer electronic devices.

Prospero is in the first of four stages of prototyping.  The first stage uses swarm and game technology, and the other three stages include: tending the crops, harvesting the crops, and the final stage include one robot that will be capable of all these tasks autonomously.

Below is a youtube video of Prospero:


The Hortibot is a robot that is capable of doing precise weeding using row detection technology.  The project was coordinated by The Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Agricultural Engineering, and ended in the year 2007. The development of Hortibot is continued under a new project called Weeds.

Below is a video of the Hortibot in a Field Robot Event 2007 held in Wageningen Holland: