Installing FrontlineSMS – Application

Posted on February 15, 2012


The software package of FrontlineSMS is available on the project website, available in windows, mac and Linux versions. Before downloading the software a form have to be filled. Once the form is completed the link for the chosen version is displayed. Select a suitable location to save the file, then navigate to the folder once the download is complete and double click to run the executable.

Below is a very simple introduction to FrontlineSMS by Ken Banks a FrontlineSMS team member and founder of, found on yoube:

The next step or probably even before downloading the software, one should consider choosing amongst using an online SMS gateway, a GSM Modem or a GSM mobile phone. A GSM Modem or GSM mobile phone can be connected to a ‘personal computer’ running the software through USB, Bluetooth or Serial connection. More information on GSM Modems and GSM mobile phones that are recommended by FrontlineSMS, including devices that have been tested are available on the project website. The website also contains information on supported online SMS gateways. However, in theory the software should work with any GSM Modem or GSM mobile phone, and any online SMS gateway.

Below is a youtube video of an introduction to FrontlineSMS:

Below is a youtube video on an advanced tutorial on connecting software to GSM device:

The version of the software chosen was the mac osx version. A Huawei GSM modem from 3G being already available, was connected to a USB slot on the Mac Book Pro. A step by step guide for installing the software and connecting the software to the your modem is available on the website.