Posted on February 21, 2012



Amongst the challenges being faced is finding the type of user that is likely to use the system. In finding the type of users, one must firstly identify the stakeholders that are involved in a project, or in the words, who are most likely to be affected through the implementation of an Agricultural Network Project. In so doing, one should recognise that the stakeholders both the suppliers of goods and the buyers of produce.  This potential user is also necessary to test the software.


Another challenge is finding data, that is already in a usable format to be used for visualisation.


Designing a suitable database structure to store necessary information on fruits and vegetables, that can be queried through SMS.  Particular challenge – identifying input and out attributes for fruits and vegetables.

24- 02-2012

Difficulty in locating standard classification of fruits and vegetables.


Accessing PHP arrays from processing.js script.