Posted on February 21, 2012


The success of the project in meeting the objectives defined, partly depends on the access to agricultural data on the production and distribution of fruits and vegetables that can be used for predictions.  However, it is  discovered that there is hardly any open agricultural data available, with few exceptions of data made available in accessible formats.  Data, especially the ones that is needed are locked up in PDF files.  Although these data is available for reading, to re use these data (as in this case where data is needed for visualisations to aid in making predictions) involve manually entering these data into tables again, which for this project is probably simpler than writing a program to extract these data.

Below contains a few source of statistical data that is somewhat related to this project, and the date that this information was first accessed:


Grenada Agricultural Census 1995 – Main results (Food and Agricultural Organisation)

USDA Farmer Cooperative Statistics

Problems encountered by Cooperatives – USDA

Loss in Agriculture – USA

Irrigated Global Land and Harvest of major crops (Parent site –

Technology and Other information related to Grenada

Grenada 2006 Demography and main export


Grenada Review 2008 and 2009 – includes downloadable statistics in PDF format:

Annual Agricultural Review 09

Annual Agricultural Review 08


OECS Good Agricultural Practise for producing fresh fruits and vegetables

Researched into database technologies, particularly MYSQL workbench for creating a database model.  Listened web seminar series on MYSQL – available online:  (may require registration to access files).


US Department of Agriculture datasets: 

From these datasets a suitable one was chosen on Agricultural Productivity in the United States:  This dataset was converted into CSV format.  A database was designed using MYSQL – phpMyAdmin, to store the US productivity dataset.  The dataset was imported into the database – this would be used as a starting point for visualising data on web site, although the completed version should enable real time visualisation of data.  (Also see post on data visualisation)


World Bank Agricultural Data

GapMinder Datasets