Data Visualisation

Posted on February 24, 2012


(Also see post on data)


Project visualizing twitter data on John Terry:


Carried out research into visualization techniques on the internet.  It was discovered that Processing.js can be used with variables from javascript.  HTML5 also includes a drawing canvas which can be utilized by processing.js.


Processing.js used in a project to visualize real time US congress data.  Project website: and project blog:

Information on using processing.js on the web, available online:

Other examples of processing.js on the web with javascript:


MYSQL query of US Agricultural Data in database.  Stored results in PHP variable.  Used processing.js example – access and alter data in a sketch from the DOM/Javascript – as a starting point for visualising data stored in a database on webpage.  The difficulty was getting variables PHP variables into processing.js script.

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