World Radio Day

Posted on February 24, 2012


The first ever World Radio Day was hosted by SOAS on Monday 13th of February 2012. The event highlighted some of the impacts of community radio and the continuing impact of radio in empowering people and communities. Amongst the presenters for the evening were Amy O’Donnell from FrontlineSMS.

After the formal presentation the floor was opened up for discussion, and one could not help on pondering on the change in broadcasting over the years, from frequency broadcasting to media streaming. The social impact of technology on radio and its impact on communities raised interesting points in the open discussion. Amongst the points raised was whether or not television is impacting the amount of people listening the radio, whether Information Communication Technology is affecting radio negatively – radio being one of the oldest ICT tool – and the utilisation of new technologies that could be beneficial to radio.

The event also highlighted the use of radio by farmers in rural communities to share information.

Overall it was a great event, which brought together individuals interested in development in rural communities, which provided a great opportunity for networking.