Similar Projects

Posted on March 7, 2012



The mfarm project was the first website encountered that was similar to the Agricultural Network Project, in that, users can both receive information and sell agricultural products using SMS technology. The project is based in Kenya. This system allows users to sell in groups to increase their selling reach to wholesalers and retailers. The mfarm project, although it seems to be quite useful, is limited in the options that it offers to the users. Also the market data which is viewed after signing up is presented in a table, although in the advertisement on the homepage showed a chart. The mfarm website is accessible at: . The Agricultural Network Project is similar in that farmers would be able to place their products on a market, and access other useful information using SMS technology.

Screenshot of the mfarm’s website:

AG Leader is a Technology company that specialises in technology for farmers. Amongst Ag Leader products is a SMS software that comes in mobile, grower and professional editions. The software allow users to manage a farm through record keeping, which can be used to assessed changes in production. This method of farming is called precision farming, and is meant to improve production. Ag Leader website available:

Screenshot of AG Leader’s SMS product page:

Youtube video of Ag Leader SMS Technology Grower:


Clear Congress real time data visualisation of US Congress. Clear Congress blog – Clear Congress real time data visualisation of US Congress –  Visualisation was done using ProcessingJS. It is the aim to have a similar system displaying real time information of fruit and vegetable production and availability. Other ProcessingJS examples can be found on the project website:

Screenshot of Clear Congress realtime data visualisation:

Hans Rosling is a known figure in world fact based data visualisation. Hans Rosling’s Gapminder fact based data visualisation –

Screenshot of data visualisation by Hans Rosling (Gapminder):


Andor Salga’s ProcessingJS Web IDE


AgraVista Online Agricultural Market in Moldova provides analysis from studies of regional markets and database companies and provide market forecast for stakeholders.

Screenshot of AgraVista’s website: