Creating an e-market

Posted on March 16, 2012


The first step is create a database to store and retrieve product information. As the market would be available online and through SMS, the database should also be accessible via a webpage and through SMS.

MYSQL is a database system used widely to support websites and web systems. The software comes packaged with webserver softwares such as xamp, wamp, and mamp (different versions support different operating system) which can be installed locally on a computer. MYSQL can also be accessed through the phpMyAdmin interface, which is provided by some web hosting companies.

The basic fields required for a database for a market are:
i. unique id
ii. product name
iii. product location
iv. product quantity
v. price
vi. date product available
vii. shipping
viii. description

After setting up the database table, the next step is to create a page to display the items. This can be done using PHP and HTML.

For the admin section a form can be used to input records, update records and delete products.

Create an HTML5 form where user can input product information. Configure NodeJS to handle input.