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Posted on April 19, 2012


Nodejs Server Research

Implemented a TCP server in nodejs, however, it was discovered that a TCP server may not be the best technology for AgNetPro, as the server opens a connection to the server and listens for messages on the server, therefore, the initial request will only open a socket rather than trigger a request.

The Nodejs TCP server was implemented due to problems of message being rebroadcasted when using Nodejs HTTP server with Socket IO – this was discovered when testing and debugging code.  This was later resolved by using a straight nodejs HTTP server without Socket IO.  It was also discovered that Socket IO was not necessary for sending and receiving messages between FrontlineSMS and Nodejs.

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Nodejs Natural Language library for implementing artificial intelligence

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XML Parser was needed for parsing weather data from google weather api, as one of the user requirement included retrieving weather conditions.  All of the XML libraries seemed to work of the node-expat or libxml library which was throwing errors.  Therefore, the data information is currently being retrieved from google but not being parsed.  This feature will be available in future release.

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Understanding Mac OSX environment variable for setting node path.

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