Debugging and Testing AgNetPro Pt1

Posted on April 20, 2012


Sending and Receiving Messages Through FrontlineSMS

FrontlineSMS is being used in AgNetPro to receive and send messages to mobile phones, executing external commands, and receiving HTTP trigger messages from website.  When a message is sent to AgNetPro via a mobile phone it is routed through a Short Message System Centre (SMSC) and arrives at a Huawei GSM Modem connected to a computer/laptop, which FrontlineSMS is configured to download messages from (for information on how SMS works visit: [accesed 19-04-2012] ).  For further information on FrontlineSMS visit website: or community site:  Also see FrontlineSMS blog post:

Screenshot of FrontlineSMS User Interface on load (click to view FrontlineSMS getting started guide):

FrontlineSMS may be used in other languages.

Screenshot of FrontlineSMS in Deutsch (AgNetPro currently supports English only):

Whether or not the message is sent from, or delivered to a GSM device depends on signal strength of service provider in the current location of GSM device, whether there is enough credit available for the device to send/receive messages and whether the device is turned  on and available.  Messages are temporarily saved by SMSC, if the recipient device cannot be reached immediately.  Devices also resend messages if the SMSC cannot be reached immediately. AgNetPro utilises FrontlineSMS to download and send messages from a GSM device.  The status of messages can be seen in the messages panel of FrontlineSMS user interface.

Screenshot showing FrontlineSMS Message Panel (testing connection to FrontlineSMS from mobile during demo presentation):

Messages can also be received by FrontlineSMS from a webpage using the FrontlineSMS Trigger Function. Message url structure is pre-formatted, the user enters the SMS message in an HTML5 textbox.

Screenshot showing what happens If HTTP message is blank-  FrontlineSMS throws error  “Not Enough Params”, and nothing happens:

Screenshot showing messages from AgNetPro Web User Interface being processed by FrontlineSMS Trigger Function:

FrontlineSMS messages are grouped by user.  Hundreds of messages went sent back and forth from AgNetPro server and FrontlineSMS.

Screenshot showing a percentage of messages sent back and forth from AgNetPro server and FrontlineSMS  during development, testing and debugging:

Some of these messages (possibly when Huawei Modem connection dropped ) status was pending and not being sent, this prevented messages from being sent and received, these messages were also unable to be deleted, and was only deleted after restarting FrontlineSMS and messages status changed from pending to outbox.

Screenshot showing messages pending (messages forwarded to member of group, message was sent by other user, response was generated by AgNetPro server):

Screenshot showing messages in FrontlineSMS outbox to be sent back to user, message generated by AgNetPro HTTP server: