Research Web Technologies PT2

Posted on April 24, 2012


HTML5 Javascript(jQuery) CSS3 Resources

Styling a text area (adding a glow)- [accessed 22-03-2012]

Design prettier web form with CSS3 [accessed 22-03-2012]

Text area resizing [accessed 22-03-2012]

28 HTML5 features and tips and techniques [accessed 22-03-2012]

Border radius – design borders for forms – [accessed 22-03-2012]

CSS3 Playground [accessed 22-03-2012]

Style with attitude CSS3 extension – [accessed 22-03-2012]

Web development from scratch – useful apps – [accessed 22-03-2012]

jQuery video tutorial [accessed 22-03-2012]

40 new HTML5 CSS3 tips [accessed 22-03-2012]

Hide button value through css [accessed 22-03-2012]

jQuery form plugin [accessed 22-03-2012]

Learning jQuery [accessed 22-03-2012]

jQuery – Introducing $(document).ready()$(document).ready() [accessed 22-03-2012]

Speed of sending/receiving messages with FrontlineSMS [accessed 23-03-2012]

Intellisms Gateway [accessed 23-03-2012]

Google search – form action jquery
[accessed 23-03-2012]

jQuery api .attr() [accessed 22-03-2012]

Association of controls and forms [accessed 22-03-2012]

30 tutorials to design HTML5 forms with CSS3 [accessed 22-03-2012]

Google search – HTML5 form with dropdown
[accessed 23-03-2012]

Remove item from array javascript [accessed 23-03-2012]

Javascript array delete elements (stack overflow) [accessed 23-03-2012]

Javascript regular expression reference [accessed 23-03-2012]

Google search – replace regex javascript [accessed 23-03-2012]

Clickatell change sender id [accessed 23-03-2012]

Displaying realtime clock [accessed 23-03-2012]

FrontlineSMS with internet services [accessed 23-03-2012]

FontlineSMS settings menu [accessed 23-03-2012]

Google search – intellisms frontlinesms…23916.30106.0.30976. [accessed 23-03-2012]

HTML5 select – W3Schools [accessed 23-03-2012]

HTML Living Standard [accessed 23-03-2012]

HTML5 differences from HTML4 [accessed 23-03-2012]

Google search – Javascript PHP session variable [accessed 23-03-2012]


  • tag – W3Schools [accessed 23-03-2012]

    Google search – html5 list [accessed 23-03-2012]

    Dropdown list HTML5 tutorial [accessed 23-03-2012]

    Using a datalist as a dropdown list html5 [accessed 23-03-2012]

    How to create dropdown list in html5 [accessed 23-03-2012]

    Google search – nodejs delete from array…5669.16252.0.16480. [accessed 23-03-2012]

    jQuery clock/timer (stack overflow) [accessed 23-03-2012]

    jQuery api .val() [accessed 23-03-2012]

    Get selected value of dropdown in jQuery (stack overflow) [accessed 23-03-2012]

    Google search – jquery get value of selected dropdown [accessed 23-03-2012]

    Also see previous blog post on Research Web Technologies [accessed 23-03-2012]


    OAuth 1.0 Guide [accessed 24-03-2012]

    Google search – oauth signing requests [accessed 24-03-2012]

    Request module for nodejs supports Oauth request [accessed 24-03-2012] (Also see blog post Simplified HTTP Requests).

    Nodejs Module search [accessed 24-03-2012]

    Connect high quality middleware for nodejs [accessed 24-03-2012]