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Research Similar Projects

March 27, 2012


Solution to allotment vandalism – plant fruit and veg everywhere How to build a local food system Bigbarn Marketplace FrontlineSMS used in implementing flood warning system Advertisements

Similar Projects

March 7, 2012


SMS AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS The mfarm project was the first website encountered that was similar to the Agricultural Network Project, in that, users can both receive information and sell agricultural products using SMS technology. The project is based in Kenya. This system allows users to sell in groups to increase their selling reach to wholesalers and […]

Precision Farming

March 5, 2012


Benefits and cost of precision farming GPS Technology used to improve productivity and farm management

Robots Designed for Agricultural Use

February 3, 2012


A robot can loosely be defined as a device that automatically carryout tasks that would be may be deemed too strenuous or dangerous to be done by humans.  In the research on the use of technology in agriculture, a few cases which involved the use of robots to carry out agricultural tasks were encountered. Two of […]

Science for a Hungry World

February 1, 2012


Data from NASA satellites can be used to make intelligent decisions in agriculture. This data is currently used by organizations to provide early warning systems by monitoring vegetation cover and water movement. Countries can used to this data to monitor agricultural produce by studying agricultural land use and the movement of water to make predictions […]