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Research Web Technologies PT2

April 24, 2012


HTML5 Javascript(jQuery) CSS3 Resources Styling a text area (adding a glow)- [accessed 22-03-2012] Design prettier web form with CSS3 – [accessed 22-03-2012] Text area resizing – [accessed 22-03-2012] 28 HTML5 features and tips and techniques – [accessed 22-03-2012] Border radius – design borders for forms – [accessed 22-03-2012] CSS3 Playground […]

Nodejs Simplified HTTP Request

April 15, 2012


In order to utilise resources already available on the internet, such as websites it is necessary to have a system in place that is capable of making http request. ┬áThis enables users of AgNetPro to query information such as weather conditions that is available on external websites/database. ┬áThis will hopefully operate similarly to frontlinesms trigger […]

NodeJS OpenFrameworks

April 4, 2012


Taking a user centred approach in implementation involves catering for the needs of a novice user, it was deemed necessary to design a graphical user interface for the NodeJS SocketIO server. Currently to run the nodeJS server the user manually types in the command in the terminal to start or stop the server. Messages from […]

Research Similar Projects

March 27, 2012


Solution to allotment vandalism – plant fruit and veg everywhere How to build a local food system Bigbarn Marketplace FrontlineSMS used in implementing flood warning system

Demo Version 0.02

March 16, 2012


Start Mamp Start Socket IO – NodeJs Server Start FrontlineSMS FrontlineSMS Home Screen Start FronlineSMS Trigger FrontlineSMS Keyword Configuration Sending a Product from website to FrontlineSMS Send Message Message Sent Message Processed by FrontlineSMS Trigger Message from FrontlineSMS processed by NodeJS/ Socket IO Server Product added to database and accessible through webpage FronlineSMS Messages

World Radio Day

February 24, 2012


The first ever World Radio Day was hosted by SOAS on Monday 13th of February 2012. The event highlighted some of the impacts of community radio and the continuing impact of radio in empowering people and communities. Amongst the presenters for the evening were Amy O’Donnell from FrontlineSMS. After the formal presentation the floor was […]

Installing FrontlineSMS – Application

February 15, 2012


The software package of FrontlineSMS is available on the project website, available in windows, mac and Linux versions. Before downloading the software a form have to be filled. Once the form is completed the link for the chosen version is displayed. Select a suitable location to save the file, then navigate to the folder once […]