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AgNetPro Demo Server

April 16, 2012


Design of AgNetPro server was based on user and system requirements. Screenshot shows gui display of message received by AgNetPro server: Screenshot showing console log of server: Screenshot of a Weather request (background colour changes):   Capabilities: Process text messages and make decisions based on keywords and message content. (Also see blog post: First […]

Nodejs Simplified HTTP Request

April 15, 2012


In order to utilise resources already available on the internet, such as websites it is necessary to have a system in place that is capable of making http request.  This enables users of AgNetPro to query information such as weather conditions that is available on external websites/database.  This will hopefully operate similarly to frontlinesms trigger […]

Regular Expressions

April 8, 2012


Regular expressions can be used to detect patterns in text. Regular expressions literals in c++ can be escaped using two forward slash. For example, to escape a fullstop the expression \\. may be used.

NodeJS OpenFrameworks

April 4, 2012


Taking a user centred approach in implementation involves catering for the needs of a novice user, it was deemed necessary to design a graphical user interface for the NodeJS SocketIO server. Currently to run the nodeJS server the user manually types in the command in the terminal to start or stop the server. Messages from […]

Nodejs NLTK

April 2, 2012


Natural Language Processing with Natural NodeJS Module Using the Natural Language Processing with Natural NodeJS Module Natural – NodeJS story Guide to developing a good corpora

Demo 0.03

March 30, 2012


Screenshot of web interface Screenshot running a query from web interface Screenshot showing results from running a query from web interface Screenshot of visualisation (web interface) Screenshot of e market  (web interface)

Demo Version 0.02

March 16, 2012


Start Mamp Start Socket IO – NodeJs Server Start FrontlineSMS FrontlineSMS Home Screen Start FronlineSMS Trigger FrontlineSMS Keyword Configuration Sending a Product from website to FrontlineSMS Send Message Message Sent Message Processed by FrontlineSMS Trigger Message from FrontlineSMS processed by NodeJS/ Socket IO Server Product added to database and accessible through webpage FronlineSMS Messages