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Regular Expressions

April 8, 2012


Regular expressions can be used to detect patterns in text. Regular expressions literals in c++ can be escaped using two forward slash. For example, to escape a fullstop the expression \\. may be used. Advertisements

Demo 0.03

March 30, 2012


Screenshot of web interface Screenshot running a query from web interface Screenshot showing results from running a query from web interface Screenshot of visualisation (web interface) Screenshot of e marketĀ  (web interface)

Demo Version 0.02

March 16, 2012


Start Mamp Start Socket IO – NodeJs Server Start FrontlineSMS FrontlineSMS Home Screen Start FronlineSMS Trigger FrontlineSMS Keyword Configuration Sending a Product from website to FrontlineSMS Send Message Message Sent Message Processed by FrontlineSMS Trigger Message from FrontlineSMS processed by NodeJS/ Socket IO Server Product added to database and accessible through webpage FronlineSMS Messages

Test Plan

March 10, 2012


Add product to market Remove product from market View product on webpage