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Regular Expressions

April 8, 2012


Regular expressions can be used to detect patterns in text. Regular expressions literals in c++ can be escaped using two forward slash. For example, to escape a fullstop the expression \\. may be used. Advertisements

Demo 0.03

March 30, 2012


Screenshot of web interface Screenshot running a query from web interface Screenshot showing results from running a query from web interface Screenshot of visualisation (web interface) Screenshot of e marketĀ  (web interface)

Demo Version 0.02

March 16, 2012


Start Mamp Start Socket IO – NodeJs Server Start FrontlineSMS FrontlineSMS Home Screen Start FronlineSMS Trigger FrontlineSMS Keyword Configuration Sending a Product from website to FrontlineSMS Send Message Message Sent Message Processed by FrontlineSMS Trigger Message from FrontlineSMS processed by NodeJS/ Socket IO Server Product added to database and accessible through webpage FronlineSMS Messages Advertisements

Test Plan

March 10, 2012


Add product to market Remove product from market View product on webpage Advertisements