The  Agriculture Network Project is a creative work being developed by Johanne Lewis a final year Creative Computing student at Goldsmiths College.  The project is targeting a particular problem where fruits and vegetables in rural communities go to waste.  The end result would be the implementation of a technology that would assist farmers in rural communities in better manage the fruits and vegetables they produce.

This blog contains active research and documentation of  the development stages of the Agricultural Network Project, and will be updated at least once every two days. A draft background chapter of the problem area has made available which gives a broad idea of the project scope.

A brief introduction into some of the questions that the project is trying to address includes: How can technology be used to assist farmers in rural communities?  Is there a surplus of fruits and vegetables in rural farming communities? If such a surplus exist, is there an available market for these products?  What are the current technologies used in the agricultural sector?  Is there a particular area in agriculture where there is a lack in technology?

The project is currently going through the software development cycle, and early prototyping stages.  At this stage, involving users and potential users is essential.

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